The gradual introduction of IEC 61850 technology in real SAS’s allows to leveraging legacy systems installed in substations.

Power Utilities have the opportunity under such a scenario to benefit from substation engineering and documentation tools able to merge classical and advanced working methods.

This has motivated us to develop ATLAN: a unique set of state-of-the-art tools for automated Substation Design able to seamlessly integrate IEC 61850 IED’s with legacy systems.

ATLAN allows designers to cover the whole substation design lifecycle, from the basic engineering to the management and maintenance of the installations, by means of functionalities and features like:

  • Full graphic interface and customised views
  • Automatic configuration of devices
  • Communications architecture definition
  • Substation documentation
    • Drawings, including constructive
    • Devices and connections
    • Communications, …
  • Dynamic simulation of Logical Functions
  • Import/Export of data (.XML, .DWG, .XLS, etc)
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Data integrity and traceability
  • Standardisation of IED’s
  • Parameterisation of libraries



Once a substation design completed, ATLAN compiles automatically in a single .scd file absolutely all the information of the project, making it possible by this means to increase the productivity in an unprecedented manner – as designers can reuse in subsequent projects all the information contained in previously validated complete projects –

Addsys provides the following ATLAN products (see comparation table)table

ATLAN Stand-Alone: Single-use license

ATLAN Server: Departmental use license

ATLAN Lite: A simpler version for generating documentation

ATLAN Reader: Version to view projects.

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